Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Pregame: Wings vs Sharks

As anyone who works in retail will tell you, it's been a very busy weekend and my brain is fried. So, I haven't made motivators. And what's funny to me right now might just be stupid, but it's about time I did a hockey post again, so this is what I could come up with...

Take this one- it looks kinda like the ice is tilting and they're all trying to stay on their skates. Or it just looks kinda cool since they're all fairly in unison.

There's nothing really that interesting about this next except that Tuzzi is a pretty big fella, and Rig makes him look small.

How about a shot of Jimmy's new helmet?

Much cooler than Joey Mac's...

This one looks like Raffy and Mule were laughing at something about Cleary. At first I thought it was about his lack of eyebrows...

...but after seeing this next one, I'm not so sure any more.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Let's Try This Again...

So I tried writing this earlier today and wound up posting a blank post, oops. Anyways, let's try this again:

Happy Birthday! Wait... that's not it. (seriously, I just typed that, Sara shouldn't post on 3 hours of sleep) Ok, one more time-n

Happy Thanksgiving!

Back in second grade, my class was put into small groups and paired up with pen pals from a second grade class in Phoenix. My group, in addition to telling them about our school and the state bird, wrote to our pen pals about how the Red Wings are the greatest hockey team ever... it was at that point that I learned a valuable lesson: as Kyle and Amber will tell you, I cannot draw a Winged Wheel. I tried, and I doubt the kids in Phoenix knew any better, but after a 5 minute argument over whether my drawing matched Amber's necklace I knew the truth, I can't draw a Winged Wheel and I probably shouldn't try again.

One lesson I have never learned, however, is to stop tracing my hand with marker to make a turkey. And that turkeys don't wear top hats. Enjoy...

Friday, November 19, 2010

Det. v. Minn. Pregame-ish: Little Bro.'s Split Post

(Bro. Note: Sara was rather busy today and couldn't make a post for the game. So, because I was doing nothing and have the "Neuie" name, I was asked to post. Be very afraid.)

In case you've missed the past week and a half, Colin Campbell has gotten in trouble with the public, Brett Sutter was traded by his father, and....

**:Dude, real bloggers have already covered those issues to exhaustion.

Bro.: Who the heck are you?

**: I'm the Anti-Brother. I'm the opposite of everything you are.

Bro.: So you're short, skinny, and have a girlfriend?

Anti-Bro.: Well, ye.... no.

Bro.: As I figured. Now sit in the corner and shut-up. As I was saying, a number of things have happened, including the Wings having a four game winning streak. So, with some highlights...

Anti-Bro.: You don't have highlights.

Bro.: Well, they're not lowlights.

Anti-Bro.: How about interesting-lights?

Bro.: Okay, we have interesting lights, particularly from the Detroit Edmonton game last week.

Anti-Bro: Can I help?

Bro.: (sigh) Fine, just don't off the handle.
And here we go...

Bro.: First of all, thanks to all the veterans, whether they went to war or not.
Anti-Bro.: But what is with the additional flags? And they don't bring in a Canadian flag for a Canadian team at the Joe? Color Guard FAIL!

Anti-Bro.: Drew tells everyone that he's gonna score when a goalie double hits a puck into the net.
"Yeah, whatever Drew."
"That Drew Miller is crazy."
Bro.: Yeah.....wait a minute...

Bro.: Anit-Bro., why do you choose this picture?
Anti-Bro.: Just look at the top corner.
Bro.: The thing that looks like ROB the Robot's head?
Anti-Bro.: No, Rafalski picking his nose.

Bro.: Speaking of Raffi, Larry Murphy is very impressed by his balance.
Anti-Bro.: ...while Brad McCrimmon is thinking, "Big deal, I could do that if I wanted to."

Bro.: Ladies and gentleman, the Red Wings own Cristy Lee with a Jersey Foul.
Anti-Bro.: You just dissed the greatest goalie ever, *****.
Bro.: And finally...

Bro.: I really should stop trying to play hungover.
Anti-Bro.: I just knew Darren didn't cook the eggs long enough.
Bro.: That pizza eating contest was definitely a bad idea.
Anti-Bro.: Hey Ref, that guy just speared me in the nads.
Bro.: I think I had some bad weed. That's the last time I visit Ann Arbor.
Anti-Bro: That's the last time I eat Mexican before games again.
Bro.: Thanks again and Go Wings.
Anti-Bro.: Wait I got another one...
"Hey guys, look. I'm mooning you guys."

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Beyond the Game...

Plenty of other blogs have told you about the genius, Robert Tychkowski of the Edmonton Sun, and his opinion of Detroit. While I support you emailing him at robert.tychkowski@sunmedia.ca, I am going a different direction. Unfortunately I did not plan this out in advance, so there will be no pictures accompanying today's message.

I have known many people who have served or are currently serving their country as a member of the armed services. My father served in the Navy (thankfully not during combat) and my grandfather's brother who was in the Army is still listed as MIA. It kills my grandpa that he doesn't know what happened to his brother, but he is still so proud of him.

Many people I went to high school with have served in every branch of the military including my friend Chirag who was in the Marines and Casey, also a Marine.

My friend Jilian's step-brother Brian is an MP with the Army. From what I've been told, it is really dangerous for MPs to spend a lot of time in Afghanistan, so they rotate them out quickly (as in a few months at the most) between Afghanistan and a base in Germany. I haven't seen Brian in a few years, but as far as I know, he is still stationed in Germany/Afghanistan.

The deployment I know the most about, however, is my older brother's best friend Dave. Had I thought this through ahead of time, I would have asked Dave, a Wings fan, if I could put up a picture of him either in Army gear or Wings gear. Oh well, maybe next time. Anyways, Dave joined the ROTC to help pay for college. Through some weird circumstances, he went from being told he wouldn't see action to being called up to serve a few years ago. Recently, Dave decided he wasn't done with the Army and, after discussing it with his wife, went through whatever procedure he had to and is now back in Afghanistan with his unit. They have a dog with them for right now that they rescued from some boys who were torturing it just outside their base. He asks for letters and emails, but also for things like beef jerky. That request makes me laugh because he could always pack away an impressive amount of food.

So yeah, there's an idiot writing for the Edmonton Sun and, even more importantly, there's a game tonight. But there are also a lot of men and women all over the world putting their lives on the line to serve their country and we can't forget that.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Raffy and BizNasty Return to the Joe

I have been counting down the days until Raffy was slated to come back...ok, not really since I wasn't sure of an exact date, but I have been waiting very impatiently for this day to come ever since it was announced that he was having knee issues. I have annoyed the people sitting around me with comments like "Raffy would have kept that onsides" or "UGH! Brian Rafalski you are not" and the most common one "I miss Raffy..." generally followed by an exaggerated frown thrown at my brother who proceeds to mock me. I know, it's kinda pathetic, but c'mon, that man is the king of keeping the puck in at the blue line and you all know it.

Ok, enough of that, time for pictures... I kinda stole this idea from someone else (don't know who) but in that one it was Raf expressing this opinion about Hank. Anyways, pretty sure that's not what's going on, but when do I ever fact check?

Not the direction I meant to take that picture, but I couldn't help it... anyways, here's a few more.

This one doesn't need explaining, it's pretty obvious when it was taken...

And one last one...

I know I mentioned BizNasty coming back to the Joe too, but I really don't want a picture of him in a Speedo on here, so we're just gonna leave him out, ok? Good.

Instead, how about a view of what happens after Pav decides to get in a fight?

Stuey's fight didn't seem to leave the same path of destruction...

Don't take that as a sign that I'm asking you to fight tonight, Abby, you can wait until I'm there to see it if you want...

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Our Twins Can Take Your Twins Any Day

(Bro. Note: This was intended for a few hours ago. Unfortunately, the power went out and Sara had to leave for a previous engagement. I would torture you guys with my wit but Sara has a half decent entry for you guys. Enjoy.)

So the Wings are finishing off their Western Canada road trip tonight in Vancouver... Aside from Ken Daniel's favorite Livonia native (sounds wrong without the name after it, right? Ok, Ryan Kesler...feel better? Good.) Vancouver apparently has a set of twins. I'm told they're actually quite good and I suppose the fact that they are Swedish twins makes them even better. And to that I say: Our Euro Twins can kick your Swedish twin butts anywhere, any day. Since I'm not feeling overly creative just this minute (ie, not in the mood to make motivators) and am a bit rushed, I borrowed pictures from JennHo and Lizzle. Thanks ladies :)

You might notice a theme, these were all taken at training camp at pretty much the same time...

Here we have Hank showing Pav the cool logo on his skates. Pav is impressed.

And I'm pretty sure they're either making dinner plans, or discussing when to have the next meeting in their tree house.

Also, for those of you who haven't noticed, it's everyone's favorite hard-hitting lumberjack from a mining town's birthday today. Hopefully that means plenty of big hits and maybe a goal or two as a gift to himself. Here's a few (again, not mine) of Brad Stuart...

And with Homer...

And, since I do tend to take a few photos now and then, here's one of my own I managed to find.

Finally, if you haven't noticed (and if you haven't, kindly go read another blog) Abby is back in the lineup and certainly not playing like someone who belongs in the former haunt of Lebda and Leino. Consider yourself on notice, Huds.