Thursday, June 3, 2010

Ville Leino ruins pictures...

Beware Ville Leino, he'll ruin your pictures.

Back when he was still in the Winged Wheel, it seems Ville wanted attention in the worst way. Most people would play hard, take what the coach gives them and try to win the fans over by being as awesome as they know how.

Not Ville, he decided to at least appear to be lazy, uninterested in working within the system and instead popped into a LOT of my pictures.

He probably did it to you too... Ville Leino likes to ruin pictures, he thinks it will make you like him.

Last night Ville looked like a real hockey player again, here he is pretending to be one...

I'm not trying to bash Ville, not really, he was very nice when I met him and I wish him all the best, I just didn't when he was a Wing and drove us all crazy.