Sunday, November 27, 2011

What's Your Perspective?- volume 2

Today's pictures come from another good friend of A Neuie Perspective, Liz of Chicks Who Give a Puck. This is just the first half of the pictures she put together for me from games and training camp in Traverse City, the second half will follow at a later date. Enjoy!

If you want to see your pictures on here, send them to

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Wait, I have a blog?

So... it's been a while. School and work have kept me busy, but I'll try to get a few posts up here before the holiday shopping season tries to take over my life, as any of you who have worked in retail will understand. Next week I'm reintroducing What's Your Perspective with some awesome pics from the equally awesome Liz, so here's my shameless plug reminding you that if you want to see your pictures on here, send them to Remember, they can be of any team at any level, I just ask that they are yours and not pictures you found on the internet.

And with that, here are some pictures from the October game against the Canucks.