Monday, September 20, 2010

Day Three of Training Camp

(Written on day 3, not posted until today)

Today at training camp made me feel like a pro at this whole camp thing. Yesterday, sitting in the stands felt incredibly natural. Today it felt like I could totally do this as a career. Not that I think I'm all that good at this whole going to practice and taking notes thing, I just could do this forever. It's so interesting to see the public side of behind the scenes work. Today was a lot more relaxed in the picture department, I only took about 2350 instead of yesterday's 3600+. Here are a few of my favorites:

There's no real reason for this one other than all the Camptown Ladies keep calling this poor fella Armadillo.

Speaking of pictures that have no real purpose, here's another. I really have no opinion on Zanetti, but it amuses me greatly that Babs is holding him so tenderly.

Here's something we're all familiar with- Malts chirping at a ref...

Eaves seems to have an aversion to barbers.

Maybe it's just a summer thing? I'll keep an eye on the situation over the course of the season and keep you all updated. The hair of Eaves is most definitely vital news.

Danny Cleary has also grown out his hair a bit, you just can't tell in this picture.

For all the lovers of The Answer out there...

Stretching is taken to a whole new level at camp, there is giggling all over, largely from the guys in the crowd and it really becomes an event in itself. Nick understands the importance of stretching.

There are a lot of bromances going on too, here's just one of them.

We got to see a lot of the Flying Circus today...

The Euro Twins were adorable, goofing off with each other between and even during drills. They looked like two best friends meeting up at school after going to summer camp in two different states.

Homer got to spend some time in his office again...

The Swedes were really going after each other in drills and the scrimmages.

This next one has no real story behind it, the girls in the condo just thought it looked interesting... kinda like the zebra is parting the Red (and White) Sea...

I'm still a little worried about Kronner's knee, but he looked really good out there all week.

Pretty much all the top d-men looked good out there...

Ozzie was hilarious to watch during practices. He looked pretty good out there, but he was totally doing his own thing whenever Babcock would call the players in to talk between drills.

I'll put up more pictures from camp when I get the chance.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Day One of Training Camp

Don't get too excited by the title of this post...

I had good intentions, really, I did. I was going to take a reasonable (for me) amount of pictures, get back to the condo where I would review them and post daily on here so you all had a taste of what we experienced here. It all worked out so well in my head, made so much sense, seemed so achievable a goal- then I got here. See, when you put a big group of crazy girls together, plans go out the window sometimes. We haven't even done anything that crazy, aside from coming up here in the first place, but we feel like we've done a lot. And haven't had a lot of sleep or reasonable food either (chips and donuts for lunch anyone?). So, yeah... lots of hockey, LOTS of pictures (total for the day? 3256) and not a lot of sleep = falling asleep after practice and not looking through pictures at all. In place of a post, please enjoy Tuzzi looking like he's about take a bite out of Malts. Hopefully I'll get a lot more up tomorrow

And since you're such awesome people for reading this non-post, here's a bonus of some d-men

Thursday, September 2, 2010

More Questions!

So it looks like I'll be stuck using words instead of pictures until training camp when I start inundating you with fresh photos... today's post is simple and a bit of a cheater one. In the spirit of ask Homer from the fabulous fake Homer blog, I have a question. I'm sure there are real reasons for him waiting so long, but what silly, outlandish, easy-to-find-pics-for-on-the-internet reasons do you think kept Abby from signing a contract earlier?

Yep, this guy here...

There's a post I'm hoping to make that will explain this all later... (thanks to my brother Jeff for the idea!) but for now, any thoughts?