Saturday, October 30, 2010

That's Not What I Designed!

We need a better first period than we had on Thursday. Everyone knows this and if they didn't, I'm sure some other blog informed them of that fact before they got to mine. What those blogs don't have is a visual representation of what Babcock was thinking when he saw the plays on the ice...

Not to bash Helmer, he played hard on Thursday, but pictures like this make me laugh...

And, finally, instead of loss eye candy, here's what could be loosely interpreted as motivational eye candy. Look at the skates if you're not sure I'm right about who it is...

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Wings vs Yotes

This is a bit of a rush job (when isn't it here?) so I'll get straight to it...

Mostly for hbff Natalie of The Scrappy Octopus, but partially because I recently read an article about how Aaron Downey made the Griffs do yoga because he believes his 10+ years of practicing it have kept him relatively injury-free, we have the following:

And, because it amuses me greatly, there's this...

Heading out for a physics test and the game :)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Mule's Back...

...get it?

The Wings fanbase breathed a collective sigh of relief when it was announced that Mule will be back today after that lame blow to the head... Seriously, who would want to hurt this guy?

Clearly he's just a big, stubborn softy, right?

Oops, sorry Mule...

...riiiight. Whatever that means...

(I need to start planning these things in advance)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Wings vs Stars pregame

It's Mikey's first game back in Dallas since the Stars decide he was obsolete. Let's show them how wrong they were, Mo.

And on to the motivation... Homer may call Mule "the grumpy" but we all know he can get a little irked himself.

And just because he's awesome...

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Don't Panic

Remember last year when we were dying for points? When, at least in my case, going into overtime was a relief because at least we'd get one point instead of none? Sure, we'd almost definitely lose the shootout, but we'd get something out of it. Well, it sucks that we lost, but we've managed to get at least one point in every regular season game so far. No need to make this face yet

Something else we don't need? Any more of this...

I get that you want to make an impression, Dougie, but seriously? The only good thing about that fight was that I got to laugh at all the clueless fans around me that kept asking "who is that guy?" and when I told them, replied "huh?" Seriously though, if we can't get Abby back to drop the gloves, I'd rather have Pav playing enforcer or Salei going around breaking hands with his face while losing fights.

Some things that worked? Tuzzi's hair. I think he was inspired by the glorious mane Teemu was sporting Friday and decided to put a little effort into his tonight.

Also awesome? Helmer seems to have spotted a pretty bird flying around...

Homer and Kindl don't seem as pleased about the bird as Helm was...

The crowd is still really behind Mikey, so he gets a picture too.

Drew Miller seems to have put in another night of hard work. Even on a night when pretty much everyone phones it in (not saying that's what happened tonight, just that I've seen it before), this guy is always out there working hard, throwing his 170 (down from last year's 178, someone get that boy a sandwich) pounds around as if he weighed 20 pounds more.

And Homer got to spend some time in his office, making my motivator from earlier come true...

So what didn't work? Well, there was that "fight" in the first. And Danny Cleary made this face during warmups, not a good choice, C Bear.

Hank looks like he dropped his equipment and is upset with himself for it.

This poor little guy made it out to center ice where he promptly fell on his butt. It earned him a hand up and pat on the head from Pav and a stick tap to the shins from Nick so maybe it wasn't a total loss...

Also, it seems Nick doesn't like that I posted that picture of him midfall.

Watch your backs, Avs, we'll get you next time.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Wings vs Avs Tonight

When the puck drops tonight, I'll be doing some kind of experiment with water to determine something about mechanics in physics lab. Lame. Before that happens, how about a little inspiration for tonight?

Not sure who that applies to tonight, but we all know what this next one means-

You what would make up for me having to miss at least part of the game? Kicking some major butt while I'm measuring the effects of whatever it is we're working on.

Also, I wouldn't mind if this guy (not armadillo) potted one tonight. You know, as a late birthday gift to himself.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Chicgao Pregame

I feel a bit out of order here, there will be a post-game post for last night, but I haven't done it yet. In fact, I hadn't even looked through my pictures until about half an hour ago... you all know what happened and you all know what's coming up today, so let's get straight to the motivation. I only made 2 again today, I'm still getting warmed up for the season (maybe some day I'll plan these in advance, probably not though)

I think this describes how we all feel about Chicago, minus the violent hatred of course...

Awesome old timey feel to the game means old timey treatment of the picture...

Not that I don't trust Pav, but can someone else drop the gloves tonight? Somehow I think Chicago will fight dirtier than Corey Perry

Friday, October 8, 2010

Alternative expectations

So, I'm sure that since the season starts tonight, lots of people out there are giving you predictions for how the season will go, how players will perform and what they expect or want to see from them on the ice. I'm taking you in a different direction. Yes, if I had to just pick one d-man for my team, it would be Nick. But what if you had to pick on Red Wing to paint a mural with, or one who makes a really great ham and swiss sandwich? Here's what I've got so far:

Which Red Wing would I pick to...

go with me if I had to walk down a dark, scary alley? Gotta be Brad Stuart.

go to a frat party and introduce me to all the bros? Abdelkader

go to a circus? Meech. Not sure why, but I think we'd have fun

help me move into a new house/coordinate everything? Draper. I hear he likes to make lists...

train me in the fine art of pick-pocketing? Of course, Pavel Datsyuk

help me pick out an old man sweater? Zetterberg

teach people how to tie their shoes? Miller (he's got enough kids to know how to do this)

help me pick out a new hairstyle? Filppula (he'd also pick out some killer new heels too)

go to a comedy festival? Ozzie

go to a baseball game? Jimmy

work on a farm? Franzen. He'd also be good for commiserating over sunburns after a long day in the field

go on a long train ride? Kronwall. No idea why, just go with me here.

go to the DIA? Kenny Holland

go to a support group meeting? Tuzzi. "Hi, my name is Todd..."

go to a zoo? Hudler. He'd have fun with the animals.

help me find a way out of a corn maze? Modano. He's tall... that's all I've got...

chase geese around a field? Helm

run/work a charity car wash? Eaves. I can see this guy starting a soap fight.

eat gross looking food with me? Salei

go apple picking? Ericsson. He could reach the tall branches.

play laser tag? Kindl

play sharks and minnows/pompom? Abby again

give me life advice? Nick

build a killer snow fort and kick some major butt in a snowball fight? Holmstrom

throw a bbq? Babcock

set up a haunted house? Cleary

watch stupid tv shows I would never admit to having seen? Ilari Filppula

shop for seasoned cheese with me? Rafalski

This isn't my most creative set, but it's something...